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            曾任職英國RMJM設計總監的 江春 JC 于2010年初加入,任職總經理/總建筑師。公司在他的帶領下,全力打造國際化的質量;專業化的服務;追求藝術與技術的完美結合。

        Jiang Architects & Engineers (JAE) is Chinese Grade A qualified architectural design firm. The firm is established by and named after professor Jiang Huan Cheng, a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering. It was set up in 2000 as a subsidiary of Shanghai Xian Dai Architectural Design Group. In 2005, it was privatized and became an independent company. Its core team came from the design team for Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower, Jakarta Tower and the consulting team for Jin Mao Building.

        JAE is a multi-discipline office that has architectural, structural, MEP design sectors. The company has around 70 staff. It is a well structured, technically strong design company. The company portfolio covers many technically demanding public buildings such as office\ hotel \retail\ civic building etc. High rise tower is one of its expertise. It is a design + service lead office.

        In 2010, JC, a former design principal of RMJM joined JAE as the managing director and the chief architect. Under his leadership, JAE is now being upgraded into a local design firm with international quality, professional service and is pursuing a perfect combination between art and technology.

             公司網址:   http://www.jiangs.com.cn



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